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Youtube’s blunder led to even more spam

A few weeks ago, Google-owned YouTube announced that the service introduced a new system for comments. The reason was that Youtube wanted to reduce the number of irrelevant comments and other spam messages.

The new system was supposed to place the relevant comments higher up in the comment field and less relevant comments further down.

Now it turns out that YouTube’s attempt had the opposite effect and the amount of spam in the comments on the video service has increased significantly, according to several users. In a blog post on Monday, Youtube confirmed the problems.

In its blog post, YouTube announces that the new comment system has opened the doors to new opportunities for abuse. To make things better, the service is working on several updates that include:

Better identification of bad links and fake user accounts
Better detection of so-called ascii codes in messages
The time for how long a comment is visible

According to Youtube, the updates are introduced continuously and refined as time goes by.

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