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You can have tons of invisible chat messages on Facebook – here you will find them

What if there’s a pile of unanswered messages in your Facebook inbox that you haven’t replied to, simply because you don’t know they exist? That is the reality for many of us.

In Facebook Messenger there is already a function to approve who can, and cannot, contact you. When an unknown person seeks contact with you via a message, you first get the option to approve (or deny) the person to contact you.

Another mailbox

But there is another mailbox, an inbox that is easy to miss. Here we show you how to see your hidden messages.

Guide 1

Tap Settings, located in the bottom right corner of iOS. On Android, you can find message requests by tapping the Messenger icon, then tapping the icon that looks like three sliders. You then click on to People.

Guide 3

Tap on message requests

Guide 4

We have arrived. Tap Show Filtered Requests and see what you missed.

Guide 5

Here you see what you missed, hopefully it’s nothing important…

The function is there to avoid spam and shady requests from mysko types, but there is also the risk that you will miss important messages from people who actually want something important from you (especially if you manage your business via Facebook). As the undersigned, who won a festival pass a few years ago, but bitterly realized it disappeared into the hidden mailbox.

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