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Wordtappy: Word game with dice – PCforAll

It’s getting messy with puns that peck at your attention. Swedish Knappra has just launched its variant Wordtappy for iPhone.

Here you have a 5×5 grid of letters placed on dice. Just like in Wordament and Rumble, you must form words by dragging your finger over the letters. Long words score the most points, and a match goes for 14 rounds before someone wins. When a die is used, it rolls around and gets a new letter.

The interesting thing about Wordtappy is that words can be formed over the edges and corners so that they continue on the opposite side, and that a die on each game board gives 5 extra points. If you don’t use the 5-pointer, it increases in value to 10 points in the next round, then to 15 points, and so on.

Glossaries are available in Swedish, English, Finnish, German and Dutch.

Price: Free / SEK 22 to avoid advertising.

Download to iPhone

More apps at pcforalla.se/appar

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