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With Ratsit, you can reveal the skimmers right in Chrome

Much information about a company’s finances is public documents. Getting hold of them can be a little tricky, but there are a number of sites and apps that have packaged the information into a more manageable interface. Here are some variations.

Search company

Check 1.2 million companies

Newly started Sökaföretat gives you contact details and financial information about 1.2 million Swedish companies. If you register as a user, you will learn more, and you can also pay to get even more information. You pay SEK 195 for 300 tasks.

All companies

One of the services that Sökaföretat challenges is Allabolag. Since 2013, Allabolag has been owned by UC, which is the most famous company when it comes to credit information.
Here, too, the basic information is free, but you can find out more if you sign up for a subscription for just over SEK 100 a month.


Free for all

UC is also behind the service Prof. Unlike Allabolag, it is free and advertising-financed – and offers companies the opportunity to advertise directly to anyone looking for information.


Search in mobile

If you prefer to use your mobile phone, you can search for information with Ratsit. It resembles the competitors, but is also available as a mobile app.

Here, too, you may have to pay to get more information than in the free version. It is possible to pay “piecemeal” or by signing a subscription that costs from SEK 49 a month.

In addition to the site and app, Ratsit is also available as an extension to the Chrome browser. It lets you search instantly and it turns all organization numbers into Ratsit links.

Free check on the owners

Ratsit has a sister site called Bolagsfakta. Here you can find out more about a company you are interested in. In addition to basic contact information and financial status, there is also detailed information about its owner.

Basic information is free and you who register will find out more. There is also a paid service for those who want even more information.


Free annual reports

Hitta.se is best known as a “digital telephone directory” but they also have financial information about Sweden’s companies. Among other things, you can download annual reports in pdf format – free of charge without any registration.


Many of the services that offer free business information have pages that are full of annoying advertisements. The website Bizzdo.se promises its users an advertising-free service.
Just like the competitors, everyone gets the basic company information absolutely free. To get more information, you need to log in, and by paying for a Plus subscription, you get even more possibilities.

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