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Windows Vista: How to improve the performance of the USB hard drive

On some computers and hard drives, the write cache is not enabled by default. The write cache is a temporary memory that makes it a little faster to transfer information to the hard drive. In Windows Vista can
you make sure to enable the write cache for your external hard drives so they get better performance.

There is of course a reason why this feature is not enabled by default. Should a power failure or something similar occur, there is a risk that you will lose information, for example if you are saving a file on the hard drive.

You must enable the write cache on each external hard drive that you want to improve performance on.


1. OPEN THE DEVICE MANAGER. To enable the write cache, start by connecting the external hard drive to the computer and then open The control panel. Click on the heading System and maintenance and then on The device manager.

2. FIND THE DISK. In the dialog box User account control that opens, click on continue so that The device manager is opened. Click on the small plus sign that you will find to the left of the option Disk drives.

3. ENABLE TYPING CACHE. Then right click on your external hard drive and select Characteristics in the context menu. In the dialog box that opens, click on the tab Principles and selects the option Enable write cache on disk.

4. ADVANCED PERFORMANCE. Before clicking OK, also make sure to check the option Enable advanced performance. Finish by clicking OK. You need to do this setting on each of the external hard drives that you want to improve performance.

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