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“Windows RT is an attempt to gain time”

Microsoft announced last week that the company will release only three versions of Windows 8, two desktop versions and one tablet version dubbed Windows RT.

Windows RT will not be sold separately but will only ship with tablets when the operating system is released later this year. According to one analyst, Windows RT is a desperate attempt to enter the tablet market before it’s too late.

– This is pure speculation on my part, but it feels like Microsoft had to make a trade-off with Windows RT. It seems that the most important goal was to produce devices with good battery life and low weight, says Michael Cherry at the research firm Directions, which specializes in analyzes of Microsoft.

He claims that Microsoft has succeeded in the primary goals, but other features and components have been forced to be set aside to achieve those goals.

– Microsoft did not have time to get everything in place, says Michael Cherry.

According to Michael Cherry, there are a number of features missing from Windows RT such as the ability to connect the operating system to corporate networks and domains in Windows networks. There is also no support for specifying group permissions.

Because Windows RT can only run on tablets with Arm processors, it cannot run existing programs written for Intel processors.

– Compatibility with programs will become an important issue for many companies considering Windows 8 and Windows RT, says Al Gillen at the research firm IDC.

According to Al Gillen, it is not likely that larger companies will invest in tablets with Windows RT as it cannot run existing Windows programs. Instead, companies will focus on portable devices that can run Windows 8.

– When we heard about Windows 8 for tablets for the first time, we anticipated that standard Windows programs will be able to run on them, if Microsoft had had more time, the company might have been able to release a version of Windows RT that can also run Windows programs, says Michael Cherry.

According to him, time was a deciding factor for Microsoft, which is already far behind among tablets. Apple is already on its third generation iPad and Google is also making progress in this area.

Microsoft has not yet stated when the finished version of Windows 8 will be released, but according to several analysts it is expected to happen sometime in the fourth quarter.

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