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Windows: Preview documents in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a versatile file management tool that has been around for years and is constantly evolving. More functions have been added and handling has become easier.

For example, it is now very easy to preview files without opening them in Windows 10 thanks to the Preview window feature in Windows Explorer. You can view thumbnails of most images, videos, audio files and some text-based documents, as well as PDF files.

You may have heard about a security risk with the Preview window, but that issue was fixed in Windows 10 with an update released on April 14, 2020. If you have the latest updates, it’s safe to use Preview.

You turn on the function by opening The Explorer. To do it quickly, press Windows + E or clicking the folder icon on the taskbar if Windows Explorer is pinned there. You can of course also find it in your Start menu.

Preliminary examination

1. The explorer

Switch to tab Show and then click the button The preview window. Alternatively, you can use the key combination Everything + P (as in Preview).

Preliminary examination

2. Preview

The function is now activated. Navigate to a folder that has documents you want to preview. When you select any supported file type, you’ll see a thumbnail on the right side of the window.


3. Information

There is also a related feature called the Information Window. To turn it on, select Show-tab i The Explorer and then click the button The information window. Or use the key combination Everything + Shift + P.


4. The command prompt

When you select a file with this feature enabled, you’ll see a small thumbnail image (for applicable file types) and some details about the file, such as its size or the date it was created, in the right part of the window.

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