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“Windows 9 will be launched this autumn”

A Russian blogger who calls himself Wzor states that Microsoft will start the release of the next version of Windows in a few months. The new version will most likely be called Windows 9.

According to Wzor, Windows 9 will be distributed in a new way where the operating system is connected to a user’s PC instead of using registration keys as before. Users should instead be able to activate the operating system by logging into the Windows Store.

Windows 9

Wzor has previously leaked information that led to a Microsoft employee being sentenced to three months in prison for leaking company secrets.

Microsoft has so far made no official statements about the replacement for Windows 8, but according to previous leaked information, another update for Windows 8.1 will be released sometime this fall.

If the information that Windows 9 will be launched this autumn is correct, it is not likely that the finished version will be released until sometime next year.

So far, Microsoft has not succeeded particularly well with Windows 8, and according to the measurement company Net Applications, the operating system has a share of only 12.54 percent. Windows XP still has a share of 25.31 percent, and Windows 7 a share of 50.55 percent.

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