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“Windows 7 is now growing faster than Windows 8”

After Microsoft released Windows 8.1 in mid-October, the measurement company Net Applications has now published figures showing how many people updated their computers during November.

Not entirely unexpectedly, Windows 8.1 has grown at a rapid pace as the upgrade is both free and offers several long-awaited improvements. Despite that, Windows 8 as a platform has not taken any larger shares compared to October.

According to Net Applications, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 increased by only 0.05 percentage points in November and now together account for 9.3 percent of all Windows installations.

windows shares november

Windows 8 decreased during November by 0.87 percentage points and now accounts for 6.66 percent, while Windows 8.1 increased by 0.92 percentage points and now accounts for 2.64 percent.

During the same period, Windows 7 increased by 0.22 percentage points and now has a share of 46.64 percent of all Windows installations. Windows 7 thus managed to grow more than both Windows 8 and 8.1 combined during November.

Both Vista and Windows XP were largely stagnant during November and now account for 3.57 percent and 31.22 percent of all Windows installations, respectively.

Net Applications’ measurements are based on information from 160 million unique web users per month. The measurements are made on approximately 40,000 different websites.

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