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Windows 10 gets support for wireless transfer to Samsung mobiles

In the latest Windows 10 Insider version, there is now a new way to simply drag and drop a file to a Samsung phone such as the Galaxy S10 or S20, reports the site Sammobile. All that is needed to test is Microsoft’s “Your Phone” program and Samsung’s “Link to Windows” app.

The transfer takes place over Wi-Fi, but there are some limitations. The file size must not exceed 512 MB, so large video clips can be transferred by other means. Transfer is also limited to 100 files at a time. Furthermore, the phone and computer must be on the same network, and on the Samsung phone version 1.5 of the “Link to Windows” app is required.

Currently, the previously mentioned feature is only available in the latest Insider version of Windows 10, but it should be rolled out to the rest of Windows 10 users in due course.

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