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“Update Flash Immediately” – PCforAll

Yesterday, Adobe released an updated version of Flash that closes a serious security hole. According to security experts, the security hole is so serious that users are urged to update their computers immediately.

However, if you use Chrome, the browser will be automatically updated with the latest security update. Likewise if you run IE10 or IE11 on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

– If you don’t run IE10, IE11 or Google Chrome, you should see this update as one of the most important this month, says Wolfgang Kandek.

Ross Barrett of the security firm Rapid7 also issued a strong warning, stating that code capable of exploiting the security hole is already circulating among hackers.

– This incident is now known and there are already tools that can attack the security hole in Flash. Users of Flash should update immediately, says Ross Barrett.

Yesterday’s update contains three bug fixes, one of which closes a critical security hole in Flash. The vulnerability could be used by hackers to take control of a user’s computer. The problem affects Windows, Mac and Linux.

Running a version before IE10 (or IE10 on Windows 7 and earlier), Firefox or Opera, you can download the latest version of Flash from the Adobe website. If you are unsure whether your browser updates Flash automatically, you should install it manually from the link above to be on the safe side.

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