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Two sites with an eye on new words – from the past

The language is not static, but new words are created all the time. These “new words” can say a lot about the times we live in, and that means there is great interest when the Language Council and the Language Newspaper produce a new so-called new word list once a year.

The new word list is of course also available online, and in addition to the list that was recently launched, you can find new word lists for the last 35 years, i.e. since 1986.

Of course, English also gets new words, and the American book publisher Merriam-Webster has an exciting service called Time Traveler. All new words in the English language are collected here – year by year. In other words, you can look at which words are the same age as you, or which words came at some other time that interest you.

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Surf to www.isof.se
Surf to www.merriam-webster.com

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