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Two million card numbers may be for sale online

New rumors that have begun to circulate in hacker circles claim that the hacker(s) who managed to steal the user database from the Sony Playstation Network are now trying to sell the data.

According to Kevin Stevens who is a security researcher at Trend Micro, he has seen discussions on hacker forums where unknown hackers are trying to sell the database from the Sony breach.

The hackers state in the forums that the database contains 2.2 million credit cards and an unknown amount of personal information about the users. According to Kevin Stevens, the hackers state that they want $100,000 for the database (about SEK 600,000).

In one of the forums, the hackers state that they tried to sell the database back to Sony, but they have not received a response from the company, writes the New York Times.

According to Sony’s press manager, Patrick Seybold, Sony has not received an offer to buy back the database.

– As far as I know, the information that someone would have contacted us and tried to sell back the information that was stolen is not true, says Patrick Seybold to the New York Times.

According to Sony, the database table containing card numbers was encrypted. However, the company is unsure if the hackers managed to get hold of the key that can be used to unlock the encryption.

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