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Turn off unwanted programs – and your computer will run faster

Lots of programs start in the background while you start Windows. Some are important and needed, others start only because the manufacturer wants them to and they take up unnecessary resources if you don’t use them.

Previously, finding and accessing autostart programs was quite tricky, since the April 2018 update, it’s really easy.


1. Click the Start button and select Settings.
2. Click on Apps.
3. Click on Autostart.

You will now see a list of the programs that are configured to start when you log in. It includes apps that start background tasks, programs that appear in the system tray, and programs that pop up when you log in. It does not include Windows services running in the background.

Only a few pieces of information are shown here: the name of the program, the name of its developer, whether autostart is enabled, and what impact it has on startup time. A High Impact program takes longer to launch and slows down your login process more than a Low Impact program, which is quick to launch. You can use the Sort by option at the top of the window to sort by Startup impact and see the heaviest programs first, if you want.

4. To disable a program from running at startup, switch to Of. If you want to re-enable the program’s ability to start automatically with Windows, move the switch to the On position.

Be careful when disabling the launchers. For example, if you turn off the Dropbox launcher, your files will no longer sync automatically in the background. If you disable an update checker such as Oracle’s Java Update Scheduler, the tool will not automatically check and notify you of important updates. But even if you deactivate something important, you can always return here and reactivate it in the future with a single click.

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