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Travel app with an eye on the corona restrictions

Many dream of their next trip abroad, but so far the corona restrictions make it problematic. One of the difficulties is keeping track of what applies in different countries, and now the travel app Tripit is supplemented with up-to-date corona information.

Tripit is a service that keeps track of your trips abroad. If you give it access to your email, it can automatically create trips based on electronic tickets and booking confirmations. If this feels unsafe from a privacy perspective, you can of course just as well create your trips manually.


The big point of the app is that you have everything connected to your trip in one place. You also get tips on what you can do at the destination, and now you can also get up-to-date corona information. It is about statistics on the current spread of infection and what requirements there are for quarantine and sampling.

You can also see what restrictions there are at the destination, for example requirements for mouth protection and what opportunities there are for shopping and going to restaurants.

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