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Transparent displays – shop windows of the future?

Samsung has developed a new type of monitors that are transparent, which means they can be used as windows. The screen is also pressure sensitive and can be used to display applications and other information interactively on the “window”.

The display is based on a new type of organic OLED technology that makes it possible to display information on the display regardless of whether it is dark or bright outside. The main idea is that the technology can be used by businesses so that they can show current offers directly on the window.

The monitors can also be used in offices and show interesting information to those working in the office without taking away the view. However, the information displayed on the inside of the monitor is not visible from the outside.

The screens are still drawn with some limitations. Above all, they are still expensive to develop and the largest display that Samsung has managed to create is 2.1 x 2.4 meters, which is smaller than most storefronts.

According to Samsung, the company has already begun small-scale tests with the new displays and it is expected that they will be released commercially sometime next year.

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