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Tip for the curious: 5 sites with hot celebrity gossip

Beautiful or terrible? Opinions about the tabloids have always been strong, and many explain that they only read them at the hairdresser’s. But nowadays, of course, the gossip is also available online.

Gossip magazines

Most famous celebrity magazine

Hänt i Veckan has long been one of the most famous celebrity magazines. Nowadays, of course, it is also available online. Much is free, but the yummiest stuff requires a “paid subscription”.

Gossip magazines

Royal gossip

Svensk Damtidning is the right choice for those who want to stay up-to-date on all the world’s royalty. Yes, they also write about other celebrities, but the focus is on Carl Gustaf, Silvia and the others.
The newspaper has the same model as Hänt i weekn, namely a paid subscription for those who want to read everything.

Gossip magazines

Everything is free

Unlike the big competitors, Stoppa Pressarna is only available online. There is also no paid subscription here, but everything is free.
Behind the service is the celebrity journalist Daniel Nyhlén, who had his breakthrough while working at Aftonbladet.

Gossip magazines

Everything in one place

There are many sites that write about celebrities, for example Nyheter24, Metro and Newsner. Microsoft’s news service MSN selects the hottest from here – and also summarizes articles from foreign websites.

Gossip magazines

Blog about celebrities

Around the world there are bloggers who write about celebrities. In Sweden we find, among others, Frans Strandberg. He follows celebrities’ Instagram accounts and blogs about hot influencers under the vignette Tramsfrans.

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