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This will be Facebook’s new major investment in sound

Facebook now announces that they are investing heavily in audio content in the coming months.

The company has developed new tools to make it easy for users to create audio content that can be published directly to Facebook. Advanced AI should be able to be used to automatically make the sound quality good even if it is recorded in poor sound conditions. It will also be possible to use music from Facebook’s library in the background, mix soundtracks, add sound effects, voice effects and filters. The social media giant has also invested in technology such as speech-to-text and voice morphing to make audio content accessible to more users.

Among other things, users will be able to create “Soundbites”, which are short creative sound clips that are, for example, for anecdotes, jokes, inspiration, poems and anything else that users can think of. Soundbites will begin testing in the coming months.

In addition to short audio clips, it will also be possible to listen to podcasts directly in the Facebook app and even if the app is running in the background. Facebook will also recommend new podcasts based on the user’s Facebook activity. Podcast listening on Facebook will appear in the coming months.

Finally, Facebook has started testing Live Audio Rooms. An audio-based conversation forum not unlike how the hyped social audio app Clubhouse works. Live Rooms will initially be available via Facebook groups and to public figures. It will also be available for Messenger groups in the summer.

Audio creators will also have the opportunity to monetize their works through donations, one-time purchases and subscriptions from users. Facebook has also developed a creator’s fund to financially back selected creators.

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