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This is how you write and draw in pictures with super simple Paint

Sometimes a universal tool can be better than anything else. A Swiss Army Knife may be inferior to most scissors, corkscrews and screwdrivers, but it wins over the specialty tools in its convenience.

The same is true in the computer world, and a popular universal tool is the Paint program.

Microsoft Paint was already included in the first version of Windows. Back then it was an extremely simple drawing program, but since then it has developed considerably. Now there are a number of smart tools built into the program, and it has many uses. Unlike other imaging programs, it is easy to use and understand.

More than painting

As the name suggests, you can use Paint to paint and draw. You have a number of pens and brushes – and you can choose freely from all imaginable color shades.

But it’s also easy to open a photo in Paint. Once you’ve done that, you can draw or write in the image, which offers great possibilities. For example, you can draw an arrow that shows where on the street exactly your entrance is – and you can create a party invitation with both text and image. Another example is using Paint to show the craftsmen what you intend to do during a remodel or, as in our example, which people in the house wish to build balconies.

The fact that Paint is so easy to use is due to the fact that it is a so-called raster program. In other words, tools like brushes and pens work much like in real life. You don’t need to learn how to handle advanced tools like paths and layers.

The disadvantage is that what has been drawn or written in the image cannot be removed afterwards. Therefore, do not use any original images in Paint, but make a copy before starting.


1. Open the program…

Open Paint by tapping the search tool (the magnifying glass in the bottom left) and typing Paint. The program icon now appears at the top of the list, and you click to open. Note that it is Paint you should select, not 3D Paint, which also appears.


2. … and the image

Inside Paint, select File, Open and looking up your picture. You can also right-click on the image file and select Open with, Paint. A third option is to take a screenshot with the key Print Screen in another program and then select Paste in Paint.


3. Draw freehand

Now your photo is displayed – and a number of drawing tools. If you do not see them, you must select the tab Start. Click the tool that looks like a pencil to draw freehand. If the line is too thin, change it below Size and as you can see you can also change the color.


4. Use figures

There are also a number of geometric shapes in the program. For example, you can choose a rectangle to mark something. Using Contour you choose the color and design of the frame while Fill determines whether it itself should be transparent or not.


5. Write text

To enter text, select Aicon in the toolbox and clicks in the image. Now you can change the text size and color – and you can make the text bold, italic or underlined. It is also possible to choose whether it should be transparent or covering.


6. Delete and save

Note that you can undo your entries, but not edit anything afterwards. Yes, there is an eraser, but it erases everything – not just what you’ve done yourself. When you are satisfied, save the image by pressing File, Save as.


TIP: You get more power in Paintnet

If you want to do something more advanced with your images, there are plenty of professional tools, such as the paid program Photoshop and the free option Gimp.

If these programs seem too complicated, there is a good middle ground, namely the free program Paintnet. It has more possibilities than Paint – above all, it has a so-called layer function that means that what you do does not affect the original image. Despite this, the program is easy to use.
Read more about Paintnet i our guide here.

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