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This is how you surf wirelessly – with Skype

Anyone who has traveled knows that this happens sometimes. You end up in places where it is almost impossible to get hold of a wireless internet connection that is free. And if you find one, registration and login are often required.

At many foreign airports, for example, it can be both expensive and difficult to surf. It feels risky to give out your credit card number, and often you need to buy an expensive day pass – even if you just want to check your emails.

In this situation, Skype Wifi can be a solution.

A million networks
As you know, Skype is a service for making free calls over the internet, but there are also paid services for those who, for example, want to call regular telephones. To do that, you need to load money in advance, and you can also use this money to surf.

Skype has simply chosen to partner with over a million wireless networks around the world. Instead of paying to each operator, you use the money in your Skype account.

The advantage of loading money in advance is that you don’t have to expose your credit card. In addition, you pay per minute, so checking your emails or making a Facebook update only costs a few kroner. The exact price varies from place to place, but before you start you will always be told the per-minute rate.

It doesn’t matter if you use a computer, smartphone or tablet – Skype Wifi works for everything.

However, it should of course be added that the service is only a last resort. In most cases, there are wireless networks that are free. With the free app Wi-Fi Finder from Jiwire (available in Google Play and Apple App Store) or via the site surftips.se/jiwire can you help find them.

Step by step: Skype surfing on your computer

skype wifi
1. Get Skype. Install Skype on the computer, the program is on www.skype.com. click Join, register as a user and follow the instructions to install the program. If you already have an account, you can download the program directly below Downloads.

skype wifi
2. Load with money. To surf, you must have money in your Skype account. You deposit it via www.skype.com. Log in at the top right, select Add Skype Credit and decide how much you want to upload. Enter your card number or use Paypal.

skype wifi
3. Find networks. Connect to an open wireless network. Open networks have a “shield” in the network list. Answer no when
you will be asked to enter username, password and ignore any logins. Instead, open your Skype program.

skype wifi
4. Check the price. You now see the box Skype WiFi Available bottom right. Click on it and you will be able to connect to the service by clicking on continue. You will now know how much it costs to surf. This may vary.

skype wifi
5. Connect. If you want to use the service, click on Connect. When you see how the box Connected appears at the bottom right, you can surf as usual. You are therefore not locked into using Skype, but use the internet just as usual.

skype wifi
6. Disconnect. To log out, click the box Connected and chooses to disconnect you. Now the information box appears Skype WiFi Available again. If you forget to disconnect, it happens automatically after 30 minutes. If you want to connect again, you just need to click on Connect.

Skype Wifi also works as an app

Of course, Skype Wifi doesn’t only work for computers (as we show above). You can also install the service as an app. To do so, go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for Skype Wi-Fi. Once you find the app, click on it and select Install.

To surf, start the app. Under the title You are not connected to any hotspot do you choose View network. Click on an open network and select Connect.

If the wireless network is connected with Skype, you will now be told what it will cost and you will be given a chance to connect.

skype wifi
Mobile surfing. Skype Wifi is also available as an app for both iPhone and Android mobile phones.

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