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This is how you pay with your mobile phone

//NOTE! Updated with link to Android app, link to which mobile phones the service works with, and changed price//

Being able to receive payment via mobile phone is extremely convenient for, for example, craftsmen or you who have another hobby or business activity. Here is a solution for this.

The mobile payment service Izettle includes, in addition to the app, a card terminal that you plug into the dock connector, with which you can accept payments from American Express cards, Diner’s Club, Visa cards and Mastercard with chip. If you accept payments with the card reader, the fee is 2.75 percent of the amount.

You can also enter the card number manually, write a description and take a picture. The customer then signs on the screen and enters their email address to receive a receipt.

The card reader is therefore not a requirement, but without it the fee per transaction is 1 kroner and 50 öre, plus a 3.5 percent fee is added to the payment amount.

There are no commitment times but the service requires a Facebook account plus you have turned 18. To get a business account, you must go through a credit report.

The card reader costs SEK 199 plus VAT, but you get that money back in the form of a value check of SEK 200 in fee-free transactions.

Download to iPhone

Download for Android

Here are the phones that work and don’t work with Izettle.

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