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This is how you maximize the benefit of your mobile’s lock screen

Android is full of smart features. The system is created to give users and app makers maximum opportunities to customize the interface. This means that an Android mobile or tablet can be experienced as a bit messy and difficult to understand – but it also offers great opportunities.

An example is the lock screen. In its default form, it is only used to unlock the screen. In other words, the lock screen is what you see when the phone has been turned off

However, Kluriva app developers have realized that the lock screen can be used for more creative things.

From Microsoft

One of the most popular lock screens is called Next Lock Screen and comes from Microsoft.

The basic function, i.e. locking the screen, is of course there, and recently a new version came out which, among other things, makes it possible to log in with a fingerprint if the phone can handle it.

But the interesting thing is all the other possibilities. The idea behind Next is that you should not have to unlock the phone as often as before. For example, you can see missed calls, text messages and Messenger messages directly on the lock screen. There is also a clock, a weather forecast and your upcoming calendar meetings.

You can also create shortcuts to your favorite apps so you can open them directly from the lock screen. Yes, it is even possible to launch some non-sensitive functions without unlocking the phone, such as the flashlight and camera
To make the experience more appealing, you can also choose which background image to display when you open your lock screen.

About the guide:

This is what you need:

  • A smartphone with Android.
  • An internet connection.

This is what you will learn:

  • What is a lock screen?
  • How to switch to Next Lock Screen?
  • How do you set up Next?

3 other lock screens

Picturesque Lockscreen is Microsoft’s second lock screen for Android. The most interesting thing is that it brings you news and sports from Bing, as well as nice pictures.

Picturesque is one of many lock screens you can choose on your mobile.

CM Locker gives your Android phone an iPhone feel, at least in terms of shape. It also lets you check the weather, take pictures or play music, right from the lock screen.

Echo Notification Lockscreen is one of the most popular lock screens. It has a stripped down interface without a lot of bling. The downside is that you have to pay to avoid the advertising.

Step by step: How to change the lock screen

1. Choose the right lock screen

Your lock screen is an app, and like others, you find it by opening Google Play on your mobile – or surf to play.google.com. Find the lock screen you want and select it Install. In our example we will install Next Lock Screen.


2. Skip the messages…

When the installation is complete, click Open. Now you can decide whether you want notifications on your lock screen, such as SMS notifications or notifications from other apps. Choose Skip if you don’t want this kind of messages.

Step 2b

3. … or enable them

To activate the notification function, select Enable notificationsGot it. Now opens the settings menu in the phone called Availability. Locate and click Next and activate the lock screen with the slider at the top.

Step 3b

4. Add a password

When everything is ready will be Next an icon on your desktop. Open it and put Enable Next lock screen in position Wed. To password protect the phone, select Screen cap, Next screen lock. Choose Pattern (pattern) or Pin and follow the instructions.

Step 4

5. Set up

During Settings you make all the settings. Under the title Notifications you can decide what to show on your lock screen, such as missed calls and weather. Choose App notifications to fine-tune which apps are allowed to post messages here.

Step 5b

6. Use Lock Screen

When you turn on the phone, your new lock screen appears, and you see the information you have a choice of, such as weather, missed calls and the calendar. Swipe up with your finger to get shortcuts to the most common apps and down to unlock the phone.

Step 6b

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