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This is how you make a nice project presentation

Of course, text in documents is important, but sometimes the content of documents can be easier to understand and absorb if you use graphics.

In previous versions of Word, it could take some time to insert and format different kinds of objects so that they looked nice. In Word 2007 (and other programs included in the latest version of Office) there has been a change in that matter. Here, there is a new function that goes by the name of Smartart graphics.

This feature makes it possible to create professional graphics, such as organizational charts, timelines and processes, with just a few mouse clicks. In our example, we start from a numbered list that we then use to create Smartart graphics.

The fastest way to switch between the text window and the Smartart graphic itself is to press Ctrl + Shift + F2.


1. INSERT SMART ART. To insert Smartart graphics, start by placing the mouse cursor where the object is to be inserted and select the Insert tab. Next, click the SmartArt button found in the Illustrations ribbon.

2. DIFFERENT CATEGORIES. In the dialog box that opens, more than a hundred different types of Smartart graphics are displayed. The options are divided into categories such as List, Process and Matrix. In our example, we select the Vertical Bullet List option.

3. ENTER TEXT. Enter the desired text or copy and paste the text into the existing numbered list. Then resize the Smartart graphic by clicking and dragging one of the corners of the selection.

4. LAYOUT AND FORMATTING. With the Smartart object selected, click the Design tab under the Smartart Tools heading. Here you will find many options to change the layout and format the graphics.

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