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This is how you choose the right water-resistant phone – under SEK 5,000

QUESTION. Today I have an Android mobile phone called the LG G6, which I have been happy with. It has ip68 rating. Now it starts to mess up, hangs and shuts down by itself.

I have changed the battery but it made no difference. I need a new one, but can only spend 4,000-5,000 kroner and must have an ip68-rated one.

Prices seem to start at around SEK 6,500. Do you have any tips for a sensible one that can be bought for under SEK 5,000?

RESPONSE. There are a handful of new phones under SEK 5,000 that have ip68 rating, but then they are real rugged mobiles. You find the test here.

The Blackview BV9700 Pro is a phone that is built for tough times – and has an ip68 rating.

I can recommend the Blackview BV9700 Pro, which gets the highest rating in that collection and costs just under SEK 5,000.

But that might not be what you’re looking for. If you want a more common phone with ip68 at that price, you have to check out older models from 2018. They are still good but have dropped in price. Examples of phones are Samsung Galaxy A8, HTC U12+ or LG G7.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I do not know of any newer IP68-rated handsets in that price range, but then you will very well have to increase your budget by a thousand or two.

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