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This is how you change the start page in the browser – or choose an empty one

The start page is the site that appears when you start browsing. By default, the browser’s manufacturer has chosen which site you should choose, i.e. Google in Chrome and Microsoft in Edge. However, it is easy to change the page:

Press the three dots at the top right and select Settings. click At start in the left column then you will see three options.

  • You can start the browser with the page New tab (alternatively Open a new tab), which is a Google (or Microsoft) search page.
  • You can choose Continue where you left offwhich opens the browser in the same mode as where you left off.
  • A third option is called Open a specific page or group of pages (or Open a specific page or pages) which allows you to choose the home page yourself. It is this option that is used to add a new page, or one that is empty.

Home page

To enter page, press Add new pageenter a web address and confirm with add.

If you want a blank page, write about:blank and confirm with add. Also make sure to delete any pages you don’t want to open if there are any. The next time you start the browser, it opens with a blank page.

“Web address” about:blank is a general command to open a blank page, so you can use it not only when setting your home page but also in other contexts. It works in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but also in other browsers.

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