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This is how you change the position of columns in Excel

Have you created a spreadsheet and then realized you got the layout about the back foot? Have you received a table or chart in your email, but you need to reformat it? The Transpose function in Excel allows you to easily fix your charts.

excel transposeWhether the data in a table or a spreadsheet should be placed in rows or columns can vary depending on use and needs. If you have a spreadsheet with data entered incorrectly, how do you go about correcting it? You probably remove the incorrect columns and manually enter them into rows.

This procedure is both slow and troublesome, and is not needed. The fastest way to fix your tables is to use the transpose function. Using it, you can convert your column-based charts to rows – or vice versa.

How to convert the table’s columns to rows
excel transpose
1. Select and copy.
The example in the image above shows a simple table where we want the columns to change to rows. Start by selecting all current cells. Then right click and select Copy.

excel transpose
2. Choose special. Now right-click on an empty cell where you want to place your transposed data (that is, the inverted version of the table). Choose Paste special and then click on Paste special one more time.

excel transpose
3. Transpose. Now the dialog box opens Paste special. This is where you should check Transpose which you can find on the bottom line. Then click on OK to flip your columns and rows.

excel transpose
4. Then it was done! It’s not more difficult than that – the table’s columns have now turned into rows. The function can also be used to do the reverse, and with considerably more complicated tables.

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