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This is how you build a future-proof computer

I want to buy a computer that is future-proof, will last at least two years and is easy to upgrade (it should be enough to change the motherboard and the processor for the computer to be among the best on the market even after a couple of years). Of course, it must be equipped with usb 3 and sata 6 gigabit per second.

I want it to be affordable (it should have one of the fastest processors, without having to pay three times as much for five percent extra performance).

It should have a fast boot time for Windows 7, be quick to work with and be as quiet as possible. It doesn’t need to handle demanding games as I mostly work with office software, Photoshop and maybe a little 3d modeling.
Johan Pelinder

RESPONSE. The term future-proof is problematic when it comes to computer components, but if you can imagine changing the processor and motherboard, it becomes easier.
We see two possible ways to build your dream computer: One is to invest today in a really good system that you expect to last a long time. Another variant is to buy a cheaper computer and prepare to upgrade the processor or motherboard earlier.

We chose to bet on a really good system that will hopefully last a long time and the choice fell on the platform socket 1366. If you choose the other cheaper variant, an AM3 system with an 890GX motherboard is very interesting. The most important thing in this build is that the basic components hold up for a long time to come, and this is primarily about the power supply and computer box.

This time we brought in all the computer components via the computer store Inet (www.inet.se). The sum for the parts was SEK 12,280. Next month we will make our selection from another store.
Öjvind Karlsson, PC for All.

Here is the result
Click on the image to bring up a larger image with readable boxes (pdf).

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