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This is how Spotify will replace iTunes

Spotify is challenging iTunes with a new version of the client program that makes it possible to sync your iPod directly in Spotify, instead of iTunes. In addition, the company is launching a music store that also allows you to buy music directly from the program.

The new version of the Spotify client will be released in the coming days. According to Spotify, the program will be able to act as the single point of connection for all your music on both computer and mobile devices.

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The client program supports iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. When one of these mp3 players is connected to the computer, Spotify will treat it as an external media player similar to iTunes. The user can then synchronize playlists and music directly in the program.

The new client will be able to import all your existing mp3 songs that you have in iTunes or on your hard drive.

Users of iPhone, iPod Touch or Android will also be able to synchronize the songs wirelessly between computer and phone. When the user launches Spotify’s app on the phone, it now appears as a device in the client on the computer, and you can then choose which playlists to sync to the phone.

If you don’t own the songs on your playlists, you can now buy them via Spotify’s new music store. The price of the songs will be from six kroner per song depending on how many you buy according to the following price list.

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Another news is that users of the free version can now use the mobile apps for Spotify. There is still no music streaming in the free version, but users will be able to sync their mp3 songs between their computer and mobile phone wirelessly. A feature still missing from iTunes.

– Starting today, Spotify is the only music player you really need. Our users don’t want to switch between different music players, and they want the ability to take their playlists wherever they are, and on a variety of platforms. Now we have made it possible, says Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek.


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