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“This is how Samsung will face the iPhone 6”

Apple is expected to release a new version of the iPhone this fall, which will probably be called the iPhone 6. If the rumors about the upcoming phone are true, it will have a metal casing similar to the one used on the iPad.

Now, Korean tech site Etnews is reporting that Samsung will release a new version of the Galaxy S5 called the Galaxy Alpha. The biggest difference compared to the Galaxy S5 is that the new version will be equipped with a metal casing.

samsung galaxy alpha

One of the biggest complaints about the Galaxy S5 is the current casing, which is made of plastic and gives, according to many, a cheap impression. According to Etnews, the Galaxy Alpha will be released sometime in August.

It has previously been rumored that Samsung will release an updated version of the Galaxy S5. According to previous information, the new version has gone under other names such as Galaxy S5 Prime and Galaxy F.

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