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This is how much Spotify costs in different countries

Matias Singer is a devoted user of Spotify and when he recently moved from Denmark to Malaysia, he discovered that the price of Spotify Premium differed significantly between the different countries.

They led him to develop an interactive map with a price index that shows how much Spotify Premium costs in different countries per month if the respective currency is converted to the US dollar.

According to Matias Singer’s price index, Spotify Premium is the most expensive in Denmark, where the service costs $18.46. In second place comes the UK with a price of $16.97, followed by Norway with a price of $16.70. Sweden ends up in fourth place with a price of 15.21 dollars (99 kroner).

spotify price index

The Scandinavian countries, including Great Britain, are thus between approximately 30 to 45 percent more expensive compared to the United States, where the service costs $9.99 per month. The countries that are the most expensive also have the highest GDP, which means that the pricing is in line with the users’ purchasing power.

Among the cheapest countries in the list, the Philippines is at the bottom of the list with a price of 2.91 dollars per month, corresponding to approximately 19 kroner. It is almost 250 percent cheaper compared to the US.

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