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This is how Google will conquer your living room

During the developer conference Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco, Google yesterday announced the new service Google TV. Google TV is based on a collaboration with, among others, Sony, Intel and Logitech.

Google TV will consist of an open platform that will initially be found in future televisions from Sony. According to Sony, the company will release televisions that support Google TV already this fall.

Logitech will provide a special remote control and keyboard that will be used for the service.

The operating system will be based on Google’s Android and will come with Google Chrome. According to Google, third-party manufacturers will also release set-top boxes so that Google TV will work even with televisions that are not prepared for the service. However, the service itself will be completely free.

– It’s about making your TV set something more than just a TV set, says a spokesperson for Google.

Google TV will enable users to search a variety of TV programs from both TV stations and YouTube. It will also be possible to record programs using a built-in hard drive.

Google will also open up the platform to third-party developers who can create applications for Google TV. However, Google has not announced any details on whether the service will be available outside the US.

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