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This is how Ccleaner for Android works

CCleaner from Piriform has long been one of the most popular programs for cleaning up junk files on the computer. Now it can take the step into your Android mobile, if you so wish. I have previously recommended Clean Master for those of you who want to “clean the android”. Clean Master is almost the same, but more extensive and self-powered. Unfortunately, it lags with new updates with increasingly intrusive advertising and nagging to buy other apps.

Ccleaner therefore feels refreshing with a very neat layout. It’s sober here. Just like Clean Master, it shows how much storage space you have left and how much RAM is being used. Tap Analyze and you’ll see what you can delete or turn off among the cache, downloaded files, call logs, SMS and processes (apps running in the background).

Then you can approve clearing everything or just, for example, the cache memory. I recommend caution, so you first click on, for example, downloaded files and see what you want to keep. You can delete files one by one, by age or by contact in the case of SMS.

The best thing about Ccleaner for Android is that it’s simple. You have a good overview, no need to fumble around in a lot of different menus. And it’s freed from annoying prompts to install other apps. Great.

Download for Android (Free)

You can find Ccleaner for Windows on PC for Allas Laddaner.se.

More apps at pcforalla.se/appar

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