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This applies to the files you upload to Drive

In our previous article, we cited a news item from Cnet which claimed that Google retains ownership of any material you upload to the new Google Drive service. This is not true and Cnet has now updated its original article as it contained factual errors.

According to Google’s user agreement, the company can only share your uploaded material with people you have chosen to share with. This means that you always retain ownership of the files you upload to the service, unless you specify otherwise.

Google’s Swedish PR consultant, Mia Reynolds, announces via PC for All that users do not need to worry that Google will steal their information and files.

– As we say in our terms of use, we neither own nor control the information you store on Google Drive. In their entirety, the terms of use give us permission to share the files you want with the people you choose and display them in different formats. To be clear, Google will not use your information in any way other than what you and only you choose.

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