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Thinkpad celebrates 25 years – anniversary model in the works

Believe it or not, this October marks 25 years since IBM launched the Thinkpad. The laptop was a huge success and over the years has been released in countless variants.

According to the German-language site Winfuture, Lenovo, which now has the rights to the brand, will launch a special anniversary model of the Thinkpad shortly.

This is what the anniversary model of Thinkpad should look like.

The computer does have the old design with a multicolored logo and blue enter key, but otherwise it is about modern specifications. What we are offered is a 14-inch screen, Core i7 processor, Nvidia GTE 940MX, 512 gigabyte ssd drive, 16 gigabyte working memory, thunderbolt, usb-c, hdmi, webcam and fingerprint reader.

We will get back to what the price ends up being once the computer is launched.

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