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Therefore, you should not defragment your ssd

QUESTION. Should you let Windows 10 optimize (trim) its ssd disks. There are many different offers on this when looking around for info.

“Trim” is enabled by default, but should one also allow scheduled optimization via the Optimize devices function (formerly known as Defrag)?

RESPONSE. An ssd does not need defragmentation. Defragmentation is a function that is for the moving read heads on a mechanical hard drive to be able to reach the data on the disk as quickly as possible and not have to jump back and forth to read data that actually belongs together. An ssd is a large memory circuit and has no moving parts, so it doesn’t matter if a piece of data is in one or the other corner of the memory, the computer reaches them just as quickly in any case. So there will be no improvement on it.

In fact, defragmenting an ssd can be a negative, as it involves moving, erasing and overwriting data, which only wears out the memory circuits unnecessarily. Now there is no direct risk that a defrag from time to time will cause problems on a modern ssd, they can withstand many more such overwrites than early models.

The disk optimization function found in Windows, which previously only defragmented hard drives, also recognizes if a disk is an ssd, and does nothing to damage it. It performs only limited changes and cleanup in file allocation tables. So you can safely have it switched on. However, there may be reason to avoid older third-party programs that defrag.
Matthias Inghe

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