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Therefore, the images disappear from the cloud – and thus you protect yourself

QUESTION. I have Iphone and Icloud – and have backed up when the messages arrived. I have always updated the software on each phone. Now I’ve switched to the iPhone X, and with its large space I thought I’d download all the fantastic photos we’ve taken since 2006.

Now it is discovered that no pictures are in the cloud! Only the pictures are in each phone, there are 265 of them.

I’ve been on the phone with Apple support for 1.5 hours, but no one knows anything!
Here, all the pictures are gone of dogs we had, grandchildren at BB… Surely the cloud can’t be empty for the sake of peace.

It’s as if you rent a physical warehouse and have to pick up the boxes after a long stay abroad and then the warehouse is empty. Nobody knows anything, it’s just empty. It can’t just be dismissed this easily.

RESPONSE. Photos disappearing is always very annoying. In general, I usually give the advice to always store images (and backup copies of other important files) in more than one place.

Hard disk
With the help of an external hard drive, like this Lacie model, your photos are in safe custody.

In other words – it is a wise idea to, for example, have them both in the cloud and on an external hard drive. The risk that both will stop working at the same time is quite small. “Having all your eggs in one basket” is always risky.

Cloud services like iCloud are usually very reliable, but it’s also very easy to accidentally delete something. Doing so may result in the images disappearing both from the phone and from the cloud as everything is syncronised.

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