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Therefore, Postnord’s app does not work on all Samsung mobile phones

QUESTION. My Postnord app does not work because it requires a later version of the operating system – even though my mobile (Samsung Galaxy J3) is only three years old. Is there any way around this or do I have to change my phone?

RESPONSE. We forwarded the question to Samsung, and their PR manager Karin Tångstedt replied as follows:

“Unfortunately, there is a limitation in the hardware which means that it is not possible to update the phone to a newer version of Android than the customer already has in their phone (Android 5).

As a manufacturer, we try to update all phones so that our customers get the best possible user experience, but unfortunately there are sometimes limitations in the hardware that do not allow for newer versions of Android.”

So this means that the phone you have cannot be updated to Android 6, which is the minimum requirement to run Postnord’s app.

Postal code
Postnord’s app is convenient when you want to pick up parcels.

That many mobile manufacturers are so bad at offering updates is quite upsetting, as we have pointed out in several articles.

In some cases, you can upgrade the operating system yourself, but this is both complicated and risky. Read more in our article here.

Another solution is to get the My Packages app, which only requires Android 5. It focuses on companies like Bring and DHL, but Postnords packages can also be notified here.

You can find the app in My Packages Google Play Store or App Store.

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