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Then the mobile phone becomes a scanner

Imagine sitting at a lecture watching an interesting presentationoffice lens the painting. Take out the camera, open Office Lens and take a picture. In no time you can correct, crop and save it. If it is clear enough, the image can even be turned into text via the built-in ocr function. This means you can search for words and edit them. Yes, Microsoft’s popular app Office Lens can be described as a scanner for your pocket, and there are many different uses.

office lens scanner
Put an interesting notice in a paper newspaper.

office lens scanner
Save your receipts. Or make physical business cards digital, for example.

The result is saved on Microsoft’s online hard disk Onedrive, and if you choose the Word, Powerpoint, Onenote format, you can easily work on it in any Office program on the computer or phone. You can also save PDF or Word file, and you can easily share the files with others.

Office Lens has previously been available for Windows Phone and IOS, but now the Android version is also coming.

For those who primarily scan photos, Heirloom is a good oneheirloom scan photos free alternative to Office Lens.

Download Office Lens for Android
Download Office Lens for iOS
Download Office Lens for Windows Phone

Download Heirloom for Android
Download Heirloom for iOS

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