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The web page becomes an image – which you can save

There can be several different reasons for saving a web page. Maybe you simply want to archive it, or you’re working on creating a page for a client or your association and want to show off progress and work samples.

Most browsers have some function to save a web page, but the problem is that it will then be in the form of html code and a lot of small files with the images separately. If you want to save the entire page as a single image, you can make a normal so-called screenshot, but this also does not work if the page is longer than the screen is high.

Then the program Webshot comes in and can do the job for you. You download it here: www.websitescreenshots.com. Be careful during the installation, because the Wajam social search engine will be installed at the same time if you do not uncheck that option.

Web shot screenshot
Web shot screenshot
1. Set up. Start the program and start by clicking on Settings. Here it is mainly the settings below Image which are interesting. You can decide the image size and quality and also choose to make the web image in grayscale.

webshot screenshot
2. Choose location. Enter the desired web address in the field Source Url.
Click the button with the link to add the address to the list. You can then add more addresses for simultaneous processing if you wish.

Web shot screenshot
3. Select folder. Then click the button Browse and browse to the folder where you want to save the images. When you feel ready, just click Start. The process may then take a while.

Web shot screenshot
4. Check. When it says Complete at the line in the list you can go to your selected folder and look at the image. In the case of the PC for Everyone site, it will be a very elongated image (see the long image on the right above), but it is a complete copy of the entire page.

Difficulty level: Simple.
Program: Web shots.
Time: 15 minutes.
This is what you will learn:
How to render entire web pages as images.

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