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The “spy button” that gives you an overview of your Facebook friends

Last week, Facebook launched a new feature that allows you to keep track of the relationship with your friends. The feature called Friendship Pages shows all the comments, events, photos and other things that you have shared with any of your friends on Facebook.

Friendship pages have received criticism from users who call it a spy button. Wayne Kao on Facebook, who is behind the feature, says instead that it is an excellent way to see how a relationship between a friend has developed over the years.

In addition to the ability to see your own relationship with a friend, you can also see all comments and photos exchanged between two of your friends. It requires that both people are your friends on Facebook and that their privacy settings allow you to see their comments and photos.

How to use
To test Friend Pages, go to a friend’s profile page and click on the menu option “Show you and XXXX” in the left column under your profile picture. You will then come to a page that shows all the comments you have made on each other’s profile pages.

In the column on the right of the Friends page, there are two search fields where you can enter the names of two of your friends. It lets you see how both friends have commented on each other’s posts and photos.

The new feature does not show any private messages or pictures.

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