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The quiz battle finally to Windows Phone

After playing over 500 games in the Swedish quiz that was at its hottest maybe a year ago, the Windows Phone version feels The quiz match a bit like a change late in the second half. Well, enough ranting. At least now it’s here, even if the Premium version takes a little longer. Time to challenge the iPhone and Android owners in 40,000 questions!

As usual, you compete against friends or random opponents in 20 categories. You compete in six rounds of three questions each, and take turns choosing a category. I myself am a fan of cartoons, history, books and films, but prefer to go and hide if someone chooses the 21st century. Or chemistry…

Download for Windows Phone

Download for Android (Premium, SEK 22, advertising-free and you can design your own avatar and contribute your own questions)

Download to IOS (Premium can be purchased within the app, SEK 20)

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