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The Pirate Party: “We want to change global legislation”

In a debate article in today’s DN, Piratpartiet’s party leader Rick Falkvinge writes that the party will stand in the municipal and county council elections next year. The goal of the move is to change the current legislation around the state’s information collection on the internet.

– Our goal is to change legislation on a global scale to favor the emergence of the information society, characterized by diversity and openness. But the Pirate Party is also needed to protect citizens’ privacy and privacy against surveillance-populist and information-gathering authorities at local political levels, writes Rick Falkvinge on DN’s debate page.

The pirate party also wants to replace all computer programs within schools and administration with free programs or programs with open source code. Something that, according to the Pirate Party, promotes transparency and saves taxpayers hundreds of millions.

The Pirate Party will not run in all municipalities and county councils. It is not clear from Falkvinge’s article which municipalities will be relevant.

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