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The new scam: Fraudsters attack Olympic viewers

The streaming service Viaplay recently issued a warning to its customers. Apparently online fraudsters are at it again, and this time the fake message is sent from a domain similar to Viaplay’s regular one – namely “noreply@viaplay.com”. The email, whose subject is “Receipt from Viaplay”, contains a receipt for a purchase of a Viaplay package worth SEK 90.

– It looks credible as it is spelled correctly and the sender appears to be noreply@viaplay.com. But that is false, says Anna Chrona, communications manager at Viaplay, in a press release.

The scam email looks like this:


Here is a receipt for your purchase of the Viaplay package for the coming month. In the future, if you want to see which transactions have taken place on your payment card, you will find them under “My Viaplay” on Viaplay.se.

Order date: 2016-08-10
Order number: XXXXX

Description Quantity Price
The Viaplay package 1 month SEK 90.00

Total Sum: SEK 90.00 (of which VAT SEK 0.00)

If you have not approved the purchase, visit CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS.
Your username: XXXXXX

The Viaplay Team”

The link leads in the usual style to a page where you are asked to enter and confirm your credit card details. Users who have unfortunately fallen for the scam are asked to immediately block the account card and to file a police report.

Viaplay has, according to its own statement, already started an investigation and “taken measures to ensure that as few as possible are affected”.

Photo: Viaplay

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