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The new Displayport 2.1 is adapted for USB 4

Displayport 2.1 is here, a minor upgrade to displayport 2.0. The new version can be compared to thunderbolt 4, which is compatible with and technically identical to thunderbolt 3, but imposes greater requirements for certification to guarantee full compatibility with usb 4.0.

For Displayport 2.1, it is about certified products having to support the Display Stream Compression technology and new bandwidth control that will ensure that the displayport signal can coincide with data traffic on a USB 4.0 link.

All previously certified displayport 2.0 hardware is automatically certified for displayport 2.1 – graphics cards, thunderbolt docks, cables and so on. Anyone who has bought Displayport 2.0 gadgets therefore has no need to upgrade. Instead, the new version is about ensuring that manufacturers maintain higher standards going forward.

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