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The file sharing service Limewire is resurrected – PCforAlla

Last month, file-sharing service Limewire was forced to shut down with immediate effect following a US court order. Limewire stated after the court decision that the company will try to revive the service in a legal version intended to sell music.

Now a group of unknown developers have taken matters into their own hands and revived the service and released a new version of the Limewire client program. However, the new version called Limewire Pirate Edition has nothing to do with the original company.

According to news site Torrentfreak, all references to Limewire’s previous servers have been removed and the new version should be better than before.

– Limewire Pirate Edition should work better than the last version of Limewire that was released. There are no ads in the client and the developers behind the new version have no interest in monetizing the service, an anonymous source told Torrentfreak.

The pirated version of Limewire is so far only available as a client for Windows and is already circulating on several file sharing sites.

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