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The computer burned his sofa – HP refused compensation

Earlier this year, Nader Golkar sat on the couch with his HP Elitebook G3 laptop in his lap. Suddenly he heard a crack, whereupon the computer turned itself off. Upon closer inspection, the charger was boiled and had also left a mark on one sofa cushion. After talking to HP support, he was offered a new charger, but as he himself suspected that the damage to the computer was more extensive than that, he wanted a new computer and a replacement for the sofa cushion.

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Nader was offered an equivalent computer in exchange for the defective one being sent to HP’s laboratory in the US for troubleshooting. He also sent in the correspondence between him and the furniture company regarding the replacement cushion for the sofa, where the cost was set at SEK 1,800. After a few months, the answer came on August 18 – HP would not replace Nader for the destroyed pad. In an email that PC for All was given access to, HP writes: “The recommendation is not to have a computer and adapter on the sofa as they always emit heat”.

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– I interpreted it as that I had to blame myself. But my spontaneous reaction was that a laptop should be able to be used everywhere.

When PC for All contacts HP, we get the answer that they do not comment on specific matters, and do not want to comment further on Nader’s incident, but that they intend to take it further internally.

– Customer satisfaction is very important to us at HP and we of course handle all cases individually and carefully, says Staffan Sjöberg, product manager for consumer relations at HP in the Nordics.

For Nader, the most important thing was that HP replaced the computer, but he feels disappointed with how he was treated and that the company did not replace the sofa cushion. He had to pay the cost out of his own pocket. However, he has previously had good experiences with HP’s company service, but as a private person, he no longer trusts the company.

– If you are unlucky, you cannot be prepared for HP to take responsibility. If I were to choose a new computer today, I would not choose HP.

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