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The app that turns the mobile into a star map

Late summer is the best time to look at the starry sky, and nowadays, of course, the star maps have moved into mobile phones. One of the best apps is called Sky Map.

Using it is easy. Just hold the phone up and you’ll see the same stars on the screen as in the sky. The app detects where you are using the phone’s GPS and compass.

Of course, it’s not just the stars you see. The app also shows their names, so if you wonder what a star’s name is, you can get an answer right away. You choose what to display, for example stars, constellations and planets.

When you move the phone, the image on the screen also moves – unless you choose manual mode. Then you get a fixed map image that you control over. It is also possible to search for stars and planets to show where on the map they are.

Sky Map was originally a Google service, but since a few years it has been developed as open source. However, Google still has the web version, which is called Google Sky.

Unfortunately, there is no iPhone version. Here instead, Skyview Free is a popular alternative.

Sky Map

Download for Android

Skyview Free

Download for IOS


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