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“That’s why you can safely keep Windows 7”

When Microsoft launched Windows 7 three years ago, I recommended everyone who could upgrade. Earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows XP and Windows Vista, were notorious for their lack of security, leaving users vulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks. Windows 7, on the other hand, was a safe and stable system, and there was therefore every reason to upgrade.

Now that Windows 8 is launched, there are not at all the same strong reasons to upgrade. For those who have a regular computer without a touch screen, Windows 8 really only offers a facelift.

Of course, the surface of the operating system should not be underestimated. As you’ve seen in our compilation, there are tons of new and smart features. It becomes easier to keep track of your social networks and to share material with others. The launch of an app store makes the computer more like our smart mobile phones, and hopefully it will soon be filled with great apps.

But an upgrade is definitely not a must. Windows 7 is still an excellent system, and you can use it for many years
to without problems. Since the 7th and 8th are based on the same foundation, you can easily buy new programs
and run on your old computer.

When you buy a new tablet or a new computer, you get Windows 8 in the bargain, and then I am convinced that you will appreciate it. But you should only upgrade your old computer because you want to. Not because you think you have to.

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