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That’s how easy it is to give your emails a personal signature

An email signature can look all sorts of different ways. Some use only their name, others complete address details and sometimes there is a nice quote. The important thing is that it can be done automatically, so that you don’t have to sit and write the information every time.

All email programs can handle this and it is not difficult to achieve. But if you have several different email accounts, it gets worse. You naturally want different signatures for different sender accounts. In Outlook (Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010) this can also be done automatically. In Windows Live Mail and its predecessor Outlook Express, some manual handling is required.

1. In Outlook: Open Filemenu, select Alternativeclick E-mail and choose Signatures.

In Windows Live Mail: Open the menu on the far left, select Alternativeclick E-mail and switch to the tab Signatures.

2. click New and enter your signature. In Outlook, you are also required to give the signature a name – in Mail, it only gets a number.

3. You can continue and create more signatures as needed.

4. Then comes the nifty thing in Outlook. During Select default signature on the right, you can now select one of your accounts and then choose which signature to use as the default. Do the same for all accounts and you will then automatically get the correct signature for all messages.

5. Windows Live Mail does not have this option, but the top signature becomes the default signature. However, you can choose to add a signature to all messages with a small tick in the box at the top.

6. However, if you want to use different signatures, do not tick it. Instead, in each email you have to switch to the tab Insert and click on Signaturewhere you can choose which of your ready-made signatures you want to use.

email signature
Account wise. Outlook 2007 and 2010 make it very easy to choose different automatic signatures for different sender accounts.

Difficulty level: Simple.
Program/service: Outlook or Windows Live Mail.
Time: 15 minutes.

This is what you will learn:

  • How to create and insert a signature in your emails.

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