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That’s how easily you update your charts

What do you usually do when there is additional data to go into an existing chart?

You will probably delete your chart and start over by creating a new one with the new data included. But there is a much smoother way.

Start by entering the information in the spreadsheet just as usual. In our example, it is about adding a new column with values. Then you select all the cells that contain new information and press Ctrl + C.

Then click in the chart area so that it is selected. Now it’s just a matter of pressing Ctrl + V then the chart will automatically update with the new information.


1. CELLS AND DIAGRAMS. In this screenshot we can easily
see which cells in the spreadsheet were used to create the bar chart. But what is the easiest way to add new data to the chart?

2. ADD INFORMATION. We start by entering the new information into the spreadsheet just as usual. In our example, it is about adding information about the sales in Malmö in column D.

3. MARK AND COPY. Then select all the cells that contain the new information, including the new column
the headline. Then choose Edit, Copy. If you prefer to use the keyboard, press instead Ctrl + C.

4. PASTE. Then select the chart by clicking in it. To update the chart with the new information, just press Ctrl + V. In addition to new bars being created, Malmö will also be added to the box Explanation.

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